Lisa Pavelka

Lisa Pavelka is recognized worldwide as an award-winning pioneer in the the mediums of polymer, metal, and epoxy clays plus resin, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS design, collaging, wire, and more. She has an extensive line of signature products which offers the user unbounded creative potential.

Lisa's work can be found globally through her workshops and creative cruises as well as several how-to books she has authored and the magazine articles/columns she writes for leading publications

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Christi Friesen

Christi Friesen is an innovative and award-winning artist and designer specializing in polymer and mixed media. She has launched her line of unique products and tools that offer unlimited potential in enhance artworks created in a wide variety of mediums.

Christi's work has been showcased in multiple publications including nine of her own books and numerous magazines. What's more, she actively takes her creative message on the road, teaching internationally in several continents.

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The Great Create

What happens when a leading artistic designer
  and a marketing/logistics expert join forces? 
  Well, The Great Create of course!

It all began in the 1990's when artist/designer Lisa Pavelka developed her own product line of tools and materials when she couldn't find what she was looking for
to create with. A few years later, opportunity came knocking when a serendipitous phone call from Jay Barr (CEO of JHB International), led Pavelka to design a line of custom buttons for the company. Her products soon came to Barr's attention which led to her first licensing opportunity.  

Lisa Lambright was immediately brought in to handle sales and marketing for Pavelka's Signature product line. Lambright was instrumental in working with Pavelka to expand the line. Before long, the products could be found in major chain stores and international distribution. Together this dynamic duo recognized the path to success was combining terrific products and an emphasis on customer service with a true unbridled joy in doing what you love!

As an artist/designer, Pavelka, learned valuable lessons regarding the importance of protecting her brand and intellectual property. Lambright's and Pavelka's shared philosophy of enabling other artists and designers to get their products and ideas into the hands of creative people everywhere is the driving force behind the Great Create!  

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