The embossing cutters are ideal for creating beautiful embellishments, accents, or jewelry components from moldable mediums including: polymer, metal and air-dry clays. These versatile tools can be used to cut out the desired shape in seconds with beautiful, consistent results time after time. The cutters can be used to cut out just the outline of the design, leaving a flat unadorned surface, or to emboss the surface with a push of the spring-loaded plunger. 

The cutters can be used to create beautiful and stunning effects on polymer and air-dry clays using Lisa Pavelka’s Crafting Foils, mica powders, acrylic paints, patinas and more.

The Daisy Flower kit includes 3 sizes: Small (approx. 7/8 inch), Medium (approx. 1 -1/8 inch) and Large (approx. 1-1/2 inch).

Daisy Flower Embossing Cutters

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