This collection is so fabulous and has so many items it's going to take a lot of line items to list everything out!

(2) Round Ring Findings

(2) Spinner Ring Findings

(2) Rectangle Ring Findings

(2) Flower Findings

(2) Oval Acrylic Forms

(2) Square Acrylic Forms

(2) Round Acrylic Forms

(2) Leaning Heart Findings

(2) Square Findings - Ant. Gold

(2) Pocket Watch Findings

(1) Watch Parts Pack

(2) Looking Glass Findings

(2) Triangle Findings

(2) Butterfly Findings

(2) Open Oval Findings

(2) Round Findings - Ant. Gold

(1) Dried Flower Wheel

(1) Micro Inclusion Set

(1) Electic Vintage Waterslide Transfer

(1) Tiny Tats Waterslide Transfer

(1) Vintage Waterslide Transfer

(1) Mini bag of canes

(1) Mini bag of foils

(1) Magic - Glos 1 oz

(2) Square Findings - Ant. Gold
(1) Watch Face Pack


No the kitchen sink is not included (LOL).  Most of the bezels are silver except for the few that list the finish.


This is a collection you do not want to miss out on!

LP - October Magical Bezel Collection