It’s MAGIC! This one step process is easier than 1-2-3. No additional sealing or cleansing methods are required. Magic-Glos™ is a must have to help gloss, seal and protect your polymer clay and other craft creations. 

- Is non-toxic and has no odor.
- Cures in minutes with no mixing required.
- Cures in direct sunlight or with Lisa Pavelka’s UV Curing light.
- Crystal clear results!
- No shrinkage and is waterproof after curing.  

Use Magic-Glos™ to create beautiful and unique creations. Create faux dicro effects and domed It is wonderful for sealing transfers, foils, leafing Mix or embed glitters, beads, dried flowers, charms etc.

Magic-Glos™ UV Resin - 6 oz bottle